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Welcome to SalmonQuest™. SalmonQuest offers salmon fishing lets and holiday packages on selected salmon rivers and beats in the Northern Highlands of Scotland.

This site is the parent site for SalmonQuest's and sites, and provides a summary of salmon fishing opportunities and fishing holiday packages detailed on those site for the River Alness and River Conon. In addition, we occasionally have salmon fishing lets & packages from beats on other rivers in the Northern Highlands.

For detailed information regarding salmon fishing on the Alness and Conon rivers including availability, pricing, catch returns, latest catches, beat descriptions and maps, regulations, photos, etc., please visit their dedicated websites at and by selecting from the menu above or from one of the Quick Link buttons at the foot of this page.

For further information regarding salmon & trout fly fishing holidays & short breaks visit TroutQuest.

Fishing Accommodation & Other Activities
Both river sites also contain listings for local accommodation providers. In the 'Where to Stay' section of this site you will find further accommodation information for these and other rivers/areas of the Northern Highlands.

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SalmonQuestTV Channel on YouTube
Visit the SalmonQuestTV channel on YouTube to see tours of some of the beats featured, and action footage.

A Recent Upload to SalmonQuestTV


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Click on the logos to visit the SalmonQuestTV & TroutQuestTV channels

All videos are in HD and best viewed in full screen at 720p HD setting, if your internet bandwidth permits.

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