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Salmon Rivers & Lochs of the Northern Highlands and the NC500

In this section we have provided a downloadable guide intended as an introduction to some of the salmon fishing available to visiting anglers to the region, particularly those touring the North Coast 500.

Most of the rivers are privately owned by estates, and fishing is let by the week, often with estate lodges or cottages. Individual anglers and larger sporting parties commonly return year after year to fish the same river and beat, so this fishing is therefore unlikely to be available to the visiting angler, particularly those touring who may just want a day of fishing here or there, or a guided salmon fishing experience.

There are though a few estates that operate flexible booking systems allowing for single-day lets, and many angling clubs offer visitors ‘day tickets’ through local outlets. In addition, there are some hotels on the route that offer their guests access to salmon and sea trout fishing, so these three sources provide the content for the listings in this guide, and many beats and even complete river systems are ignored if there is no realistic opportunity to fish them.

A Visitor’s Guide to Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing on the North Coast 500

Click on the images to the right to download our NC500 salmon fishing guide. For your convenience there are clockwise and anti-clockwise versions to suit your direction of travel.

The following are the rivers covered by the guide.

The East Coast
River Beauly
River Conon
River Allt Graad (River Glass)
River Alness
Kyle of Sutherland (Estuary for Rivers Carron, Oykel, Cassley & Shin)
River Brora
River Helmsdale
River Wick

The North Coast
River Thurso
River Strathy
River Naver
River Kinloch
Hope System

The West Coast
Rhiconich System
Laxford System
River Inver
River Kirkaig
River Kanaird
Ullapool River
River Ewe
Badachro System
River Carron

salmonquest visitor's guide to salmon fishing on the nc500Download Anti-clockwise Version
Version 1.2 PDF format 3.9MB

salmonquest visitor's guide to salmon fishing on the nc500Download Clockwise Version
Version 1.2 PDF format 3.9MB


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